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Your Horse

This page is where you can send your horse in! This is like the Famous Horse page, only this is for the everyday, much-loved horse that you own. To put your horse (or a horse you ride) on this page, fill out this form:




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HORSE'S PICTURE URL (note: if you don't have your horse's picture on a homepage, you can e-mail it to be at after sending this form in. Just be sure to tell me your e-mail address and name so I'll be able to tell which picture goes with which form!):


Name: Perfect Gentleman (a.k.a. Perry)
Owner's Name: Amy R.
E-mail Address:
About Horse: Perry is a purebred dapple grey Arabian gelding, as far as I know (I don't have papers on him). He was born in 1990 and he stands about 14.3hh. I have owned him since July 29, 1997 and he is my closest friend. I board him at an Arabian barn (Macmillian Arabians) about half an hour from my house.
Perry is trained in English and Western. He knows dressage and jumping. I am currenting teaching him barrel racing and other gymkhana events, which he loves. He puts his heart into anything I ask of him.
About two years ago, Perry injured his stifle and is still recovering. I've been riding him more regularly in the last few months and he's coming along great. We have amazing hills at out barn and we make the most of them whenever we can, since I've heard from a number of people that this is a good way to build up muscles in the hindquarters. If anyone has any tips on exercising for a stifle injury, they would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Morgan
Owner's Name: Jenny
E-mail Address:
About Horse: Morgan is a 3 month old Morgan filly. I bought her from a friend but she's to young to leave her mom so I'm keeping her in my friends pasture's with Morgans mom. I started to work on Morgan the day I got her so she can be the best trail rider ever.

Name: Sally Joe
Owner's Name: Nicole Jenkins
E-mail Address:
About Horse: Sally Joe is a half Tennesee Walker and half Quarter Horse. She has a dark chestnut coat with black mane and tail. She also has a star connecting to a stripe on her forhead and two white socks on her two hind feet. She is also very sweet but stubborn. I love her very much. She is my best friend.

Name: Lady
Owner's Name: Alicia
E-mail Address:
About Horse: Lady is an Appaloosa mare. She is 6 years old. She is a very beautiful horse and is very nice to ride. She loves attention and to be wherever you are. All I can say is she is the best horse and I love her.

Name: ZLA Pepet Regalo (aka Reggie)
Owner's Name: Tricia Walker
E-mail Address:
About Horse: Reggie is a 3 year old Spanish/German Arabian gelding. He stands 14.2hh. He is a wonderful horse and I love him. He is green broke to western riding. I will also be training him to ride english.