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By Kristina

I saw a horse so big and bright,
Who shown like a star in the pale moonlight.
'Though I didn't know whose it was,
But I was drawn to it just because
It looked at me with those sweet, sweet eyes,
I knew they would not tell me lies.
They said I'm hungry for love and affection,
I'm craving your grooming and attention.
When I looked again it looked so sad,
Neglection can make a good horse go bad.
But he knew much better to harm his only help,
So with great confidence in myself,
I went home and called a humane place
And told them the problem I now faced.
And within time we saved the lovely horse,
And I begged my parents and of course,
They agreed and sent him to be with me.
So now he's mine and only mine
And he still thinks of me as his only life-line.
Today I love him each time I look,
So that I know that I am hooked.