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Welcome to the Equine Information Station!

My name is Willow. Myself and my friend Wisteria run this page, which is dedicated to shedding light on the wonderful world of horses to people who want to know more about this magnificent creature.

First I suppose I should tell you a little about our history. We used to be The Horse Lovers Club, or the HLC, but I decided to change it to the Equine Information Station, or EIS, 'cause it was too hard to update as the HLC.

The HLC was started back in 1997 by myself and my friend Melody. It actually did get fairly big, but it just got too much for me to take care of. So I got this idea while reviewing my old page -- an information page! That's essentially what The HLC was anyway. It wasn't much of a club, but it was a pretty cool info page. So I decided that this would be a better route to go!

So, take a good look around. If you have an idea you think would be good for the page, send it our way and we'll get it up ASAP. :) If you have any info for the page, send it and you'll get credit for it.

Hope you're able to learn something from our page. :) Pass us around, we appreciate the traffic!