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Equine Quiz Answers

How many inches are in a hand? 
ANSWER: 4 inches

What is the difference between a pleasure and an equitation class? 
ANSWER: A pleasure class is judged on the horse, an equitation class is judged on the rider

Is the Trakehner a real horse breed? 

What color was Scamper? 

Was Secretariat a flat racer or steeplechaser? 
ANSWER: Flat racer

Who is Docs Keepin Time [a.k.a Justin]? 
ANSWER: He is an equine actor. He played Black Beauty and he also played Gulliver in The Horse Whisperer

Who is Monty Roberts? 
ANSWER: The real horse whisperer

Where is the Kentucky Derby held? 
ANSWER: Churchill Downs, Louiseville, Kentucky

What are the three races in the Triple Crown, in order? 
ANSWER: The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes