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Disliked Horse
by Shaye

This story is like Jilly E's. Yes there is someone like you who has a horse nobody else liked. I use to board at a place with over 200 acres and the horses ran at will, all 7-12 of them. There was one little mare, sorrel with a big white blaze, four high white stockings, and flaxen mane and tail, who the land owner had acquired because the original owner could not pay the pasture bill. The horses name was Peggy. The land owner did not want the horse so she was just ignored--not neglected but no one ever gave her a kind pat or brushed her. Needless to say she was onery and would come running through the herd kicking and biting at the other horses when we went to catch ours. My mother would come out to the pasture with me often and would give the horse grain and talk to her. My mom felt sorry for the horse and decided to buy her against everyones objections. My mother was in her early 50's and this horse was about 12 years old and hadn't been ridden in 6 years !
but my mother insisted on buying her.
After my mother bought her she went out at least 5 times a week to just brush and talk to Peg
Finally the day came to ride Peg and my husband, who disliked her anyway, was selected for the job. My husband got off in the pasture to check the saddle and when he tried to get back on Peg took off bucking the minute my husband put his foot in the stirrup. It was funny to see because first my husband was behind the saddle, then in the saddle, then Peg took a sharp left and he took a sharp right. Of course I was trying not laugh. Peg refused to be caught so my husband ended up walking back to the corral because I was riding a green broke horse. 
My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years after she bought Peg and when she died she left the little mare to me with the stipulations that she never be sold or even given away. I still have Peg. She is now 20 yrs. old and I bred her when she was 17 to a paint stud. She produced a beautiful little paint filly for me. Peg is now much more mellow and even likes my husband and comes up to the fence so he can pet her and pull her handfuls of alfalfa--her favorite along with carrots. She still gets put into use when company comes but I have to be careful who rides her as Peg likes to be the boss and inexperienced riders don't get to be the boss.