The Devil Horse - The Story of Puff
by Steph

My name is Steph and I have a horse named Puff. I remember the day we went to look at her -- I knew right away she was the one, 'cause she reminded me of my old mare, which I had retired. Her owners told me she did all this stuff (good stuff), and she sure did. We bought her and two weeks later I tried to ride her and she went nuts. We told the people to come back and pick her up, but they refused. So, like a week later we went to a APHA show and saw an old trainer. We told her about Puff and she told us they'll sell her for us. So we went up to their place with her papers and pictures. My trainer took one look at them and said, "bring the horse up here." I refused, 'cause I wanted the horse out of my life. Well, my dad and the trainer convinced me, so I gave in and we took her up there. After one week she was a whole different horse. It was amazing. I would go up there like almost every week to see her. She was suppose to come home two days after my older sister's wedding, but my trainer had something come up so we picked her up two days before the wedding. Day before the wedding I was helping getting everything set up and there was a call from my dad that something happened to Puff. She had been outside and gotten stung by a bee and went through the gate. She had to have a tube and stitches on her back end and I needed to go see her. I was so mad we spent a lot of money on her and then she didn't work out so we had to send her to training and that was a lot. But she is all better now and we'll be going back to APHA shows. Puff was the horse from hell, but now she is a perfect angel.

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