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An Amazing Connection - The Story of Jasper and Mez
by Mez

This is the story about the horse I ride at my local stable.
I ride a chestnut gelding named Jasper. He's well bred and fit as an athlete. He's used as a dressage and jumping horse. I haven't been riding him very long, but I've been horseback riding for a few years now. Lately, it seems as if Jasper senses what I'm feeling and somehow I can understand how he is feeling. Like, awhile back, I was really miserable and he camp up to me and put his head on my shoulder and let out a big sigh, then he rubbed his head on my arm. Then I put his tack on. And here's the point I was telling you about where I am able to sense what he is feeling. I was taking him into his field where his best mate was and he wouldn't any further. I tugged him, trying to get him to follow, but he just wouldn't move. So then I started staring into his eyes and I could just tell that he was upset about going in that field. So instead, I put him in the other field with no problems and brought his best mate in that field. Later on that week, I found out why he wouldn't go into the field: that was the field his father died in because he was really old -- about 23 years. He's very good at trusting me now because he's a really shy horse. My riding teacher told me he's never trusting or friendly with anyone, not even his owner.