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8 Hours for 15 Seconds
By Renee Stafford

Sweet dreams are shattered
the alarm clock sounds it's warning,
Up to feed the horses
so early in the morning.

We have to bathe and brush them
make then sparkle and shine,
They have to look their finest
when they call out our winning time.

It's time to load the trailer
fill the hay bag and hook up the truck,
Pack a lunch and stock the ice chest
we'll get there in time with some luck.

We're on our way to the barrel race
it's around a 2 hour drive,
The sun is shinning, what a beautiful day
ain't it great to be alive!

We pull into the rodeo grounds
and make it with time to spare,
Oh boy I forgot my spurs
maybe I can borrow a pair.

You ride in your exhibitions
still an hour before your run,
So you help to set the barrels
out in the burning sun.

Your name is finally called out
they tell you to be getting ready,
Your horse feels your tension
but your trying to stay calm and steady.

As you blast down the ally-way
running barrels is what this day's for,
A natural high, the wind in your face
you had a great run your sure.

You cool the horse off and load him
8 hours you've spent in the sun,
So much preparation
all for a 15 second run!!